Kritter's Crumble Reptile and Small Animal Bedding

Kritter's Crumble Pet Bedding is a natural home for reptiles, birds and small animals of all shapes and sizes.

Suitable for all types of lizards, terrestrial snakes, arboreal snakes, turtles, frogs, rabbits, rodents, arachnids, nesting birds and other small animals. Made from coconut coir, Kritter's makes a fine nesting substrate for snakes, lizards and birds.

Available in light, compact 21 Dry Quart (20L) Smart-Bags, in a choice of 2 grades, Coarse and Fine.

Our products

Kritter's Crumble is made from uniquely processed grains of coconut husk, coir an organic, sustainable resource.

Coconuts are a natural, renewable resource that does not require fertilizers or pesticides. They need only rainfall to grow.

Millions of Brilliant Little Micro Sponges

Uniform in texture, coconut coir is a completely homogeneous material composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges that absorb and retain both moisture and odor. It is widely used throughout the horticultural, industrial absorbent and bio filter industries.

Renewable Resource

Kritter's Crumble involves no cutting down trees, no mining the earth and no agricultural crop production. It has the smallest carbon pawprint of any pet bedding product.

Elimates odor

Coir, also known as 'coir fibre pith", is all natural and free of any chemicals and toxins. It is produced in the extraction of the long fibres from coconut husks that are used in the making of mattresses and automotive seating.

Where to buy

Kritter's Crumble is available online from Amazon and Petbarn. Also in-store at Petbarn outlets throughout Australia.  Ask for Kritter's Crumble at your local pet store. They may be a stockist that is not listed here.

Our Smart-Bags™

Kritter's Crumble is provided in recyclable Smart-Bag™ packaging. Smart-Bags™ leave no empty (wasted) space within the bag. Compared with other pet beddings this could mean up to 25% more product in the same comparable bag size.


The Smart-Bag™ translates to cost savings in transporting and storing, and an overall smaller carbon footprint.


Reducing the environmental impact is considered in all the manufacturing and packaging processes of Kritter's Crumble. Recycling the plastic bag is just part on the things you can do. Putting the used bedding into your composting bin will reduce odor, speed up the composting process and result in a more enriched compost for your garden due to the unique properties of coconut coir.

If you do not have a garden or green waste bin, you can dispose of used bedding in the regular waste bin, and take heart from the fact that it will be beneficial to the landfill. It will add vital organic matter to any landfill site.  Alternatively you can apply the used bedding directly to your garden as a soil conditioner.

Please note: with larger critters waste solids should first be removed from the material before recycling.

Reptile and Small Animal Bedding