Company Overview

Galuku products are sold in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, UK, Germany, and Holland.

Galuku Group Limited includes:

  • Galuku International Pty Ltd – International Horticultural Marketing, Sales and logistics to global markets
  • Galuku Pty Ltd  – Marketing, sales and logistics in Australia
  • American Green Ventures (US), Inc.
  • Servicing the North American industrial markets with SpillFix.

Galuku also has coir manufacturing plants
in the following countries:

  • Sri Lanka -  Galuku Lanka Exports Pvt Ltd
  • India -          Galuku Exports India Pvt Ltd
  • Malaysia -   Galuku (M) SDN BHD

Galuku provides exciting solutions for the everyday needs of business, industry and consumers by utilizing the unique qualities of the humble coconut.

We research, develop and design solutions for industry and consumers that are, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

We make fantastic products to grow food, clean up oil spills and for pet care, all from the coconut husk (coir).

We make fantastic products to grow food, clean up oil spills and for pet care, all from the coconut husk (coir).

Since opening our Sydney office in 1993 Galuku has grown to be a global leader in the development of coir-based products and continues to uncover new ways to exploit coir’s amazing properties.


Manufacturing and Marketing

Galuku has developed a range of unique products that enables the outer husk (coir) of the coconut to be processed and manufactured into value-added products.


Although the raw material used is the humble coconut, Galuku’s product range reflects extensive and sophisticated product development that ensures customers receive ready-to-use products in optimal condition.


As its production base is located in the tropics and subtropics where the majority of coconuts are grown, Galuku developed a sophisticated supply chain to ensure supply to its major global markets.


This enables the company to process some 40,000 tons of coconuts per year while delivering around the world

without loss of quality. We manufacture to ISO QMS standards at modern processing facilities in India (Galuku Exports India Pvt Ltd), Sri Lanka (Galuku Lanka Exports Pvt Ltd) and Malaysia (Galuku M Sdn Bhd).


Galuku is expanding its current production facilities in Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia to meet market demand, with third party supply available in The Philippines and Indonesia. These countries represent 80% of the world’s 70 billion coconut raw material supply annually.


The products are sold in Australia and internationally through Galuku Group companies and a network of third party distributors under Galuku’s technical support.

What is coconut-coir (cocopeat)?


Coir is the outer layer or husk of the coconut. This brown fibrous coating protects the coconut and is used for the fiber industry and other applications.

Today Galuku coir products are used by the following sectors:

  •    Horticultural

  •    Hydroponics

  •    Industrial

  •    Pet industry

Outer Coat

of Fruit


Seed Coat

Coir: Middle Fibrous Coat

of Fruit

White Flesh

Coconut Milk

Coir is often used as a generic term to define all the parts of the coconut beyond the hard inner shell. Many do not know, however, that suspended in between the fibers is a fine, porous material which acts to insulate the inner part of the coconut called coco-peat. It is also referred to as coco dust or coco pith. This material is very absorbent that is made up of thousands of minute “tubes” which trap and retain liquid.

Why are Galuku coir products good for the environment?

Coir is environmentally-friendly for the following reasons:

  • Coconuts trees continually produce coconuts and the tree does not need to be cut down for the resource
  • Any waste from the manufacture of coir products is bio-degradable
  • Almost all coconut plantations in the world are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides
  • All products have no negative environmental disposal problems and most have valuable secondary uses prior to disposal
  • As Galuku coir is manufactured in-situ at our factories that are located within coconut plantations transportation is kept to a minimum

What does Galuku mean?

Galuku means coconut in one of Australia’s many Aboriginal languages.

Applications for Coir Products

The current applications for Galuku’s coir products are used by a variety of sectors:


Horticultural & Garden

  • Growing medium


  • Substrate/support


  • Absorbent for spills
  • Biofilters
  • Erosion control
  • Mattresses and bedding

Pet Industry

  • Litter trays and bedding

For commercial reasons we currently cannot reveal what are the planned applications for the future which may include coir products for use in the home.

Galuku coir products are sustainable and
good for the environment?

Coir is environmentally friendly for the
following reasons:

  • Coconuts trees continually produce coconuts and the tree does not need to be cut down for the resource.
  • Almost all coconut plantations in the world are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • All products have no negative environmental disposal problems and most have valuable secondary uses prior to disposal.
  • As Galuku coir is manufactured in situ at our factories that are located within coconut plantations where transportation is kept to a minimum.


What are Galuku’s plans for the future?

Galuku is an innovative company that is constantly researching new applications for coir. Some initiatives currently under way include food and drink products as well as additional industrial applications.

What are Galuku’s branded products?

Galuku has developed an innovative range of products that harness the natural potential of the coconut.

Galuku currently markets the following brands:

Horticulture:  Cocopeat and CocoEarth

Hydroponics: Galuku Hydroponics and Easyfil

Industrial:       SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent

Pet Products: Kitty’s Crumble and Kritter’s Crumble

What countries are Galuku products available?

Galuku products are sold in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, UK, Germany, and Holland.

Products and Markets

Coir is the perfect material for many horticultural applications due to the extremely large surface area ratio of its fibres, delivering incredible absorbency.

Coir enables fruit, vegetables and flowers – in fact any type of plants to grow to their full potential. More economic than other growing media and fully bio-degradable, it’s the perfect choice for all horticultural applications.

Galuku’s Cocopeat and CocoEarth brands set the standards for premium, cost-effective and eco-friendly growing media. The products are used in the horticultural, gardening and nursery sectors around the world including:

• Potting mix suppliers

• Seedling nurseries

• Hydroponic growers

• Golf Course designers/contractors

• Distributors of horticultural & gardening products

• Horticultural retailers

Products and Markets

The delicate balance between moisture and drainage is an ongoing challenge to the hydroponic industry around the world as air is required by the roots of all plants for optimum health.

To answer these challenges Galuku has developed a coir substrate that provides the perfect combination of porosity and water retention. Coir’s unique tube-like structure enables plants that are suspended in a hydroponic solution to remain moist while allowing air to easily circulate to the roots.

Galuku Hydroponics is used by hydroponic vegetable, flower and other plant producers who are seeking a durable, cost effective substrate material that is friendly to the environment.

Our hydroponic substrates, provides a growing medium that have no environmental disposal problems.


Products and Markets

Industry can be demanding on the environment. Processes that underpin the global economy demand solutions that are quick, cost-effective and safe for humans and the environment.

In response Galuku has developed a range of coir-based products that assist industry with absorbents/filters for spills and site remediation.

By harnessing the unique structural qualities of coir (the outer husk of the coconut), the products contain and clean toxic spills as well as provide bio-filtration for water treatment and sewage pump stations.

SpillFix is a less expensive, more effective alternative to clay-based absorbents that are made with harmful silica or diatomaceous earth. SpillFix also uses substantially less material to perform the same task as the clay-based products. SpillFix is fast to use, safe and has no environmental disposal problems as it can be put directly into landfill after use.

Products and Markets
Pet Products

The increasing number of pet lovers around the world means the need for safe yet economic pet products has never been greater.

 Many pet owners are also actively seeking more eco-friendly ways to care for their pets. To answer this need Galuku developed a range of cost-effective, green alternative products for litter trays, bedding and nesting for a range of pet types.

 Our customers love the products particularly as they can also show their love for the environment while caring for their pets. And their pets love the completely natural-feeling qualities of the products.

 Kitty's Crumble is coir-based kitty litter with superior odor elimination qualities. Kitty's Crumble kitty litter contains no chemicals, pesticides, silica dust, fragrances or other additives that could be unhealthy for cats or to the environment.

 Kritter's Crumble uses coir that is milled to the perfect size to create a nesting and pet bedding substrate that forms a superior natural home for reptiles, birds and small animals of all shapes and sizes.

Products and Markets
Food & Body Care

In 2015 Galuku plans to produce and market premium Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Water consumer products, and a range of value added Body Care products formulated with Virgin Coconut Oil and essential Oils derived from Ayurvedic plants.

Please contact us for further information.


Our Products


Compressed Blocks in
a variety of grades

CocoEarth 50L Bags

Fiber Products for soil protection and erosion control

Our Products

Compressed Media in all shapes and sizes

Easyfils Planterbags in
3 sizes for better berries

Growbags for your
specific needs

Weed Mats that fit
your containers

Our Products

SpillFix 3L Jars

SpillFix 15L Bags

SpillFix 50L Bags

Boom SOCs

SpillFix 4 gal Pail

SpillFix SpillKit

SpillFix Biofiltartion Bale

Biofiltration Substrate

Our Products
Pet Products

Kritter's Crumble Fine
Reptile Bedding

Kritter's Crumble Coarse
Reptile Bedding

Kritter's Comfort
Small Animal Bedding

Kritter's Comfort
Bird & Insect Substrates

Our Management Team

  • Joe Davids B. Sc

    Group Executive Chairman
    & CEO Galuku Group

    Galuku founder, Joe Davids, has been CEO of the Galuku Group since its inception in 1993. Joe has been the driving force behind the research and development of a range of specialized processes, machinery and technology for the manufacture of Galuku’s high quality coir-based products.


    Joe has also been responsible for establishing the Group’s product, corporate branding and marketing strategies and has been instrumental in using his considerable computer science expertise to design and execute the Group’s online capacity and IT systems.


  • Michael Dean B. Ec

    Group Executive Director
    & CFO Galuku Group

    Currently based in Hong Kong, Michael has had over 35 years experience as a management accountant, company secretary, business consultant and entrepreneur in a wide array of industry sectors, including manufacturing, agribusiness and retailing.


    Michael has been involved in agri-business for over 15 years and in particular the Coir industry since 2003. He brings particular expertise in the Asian and US business sectors.

  • Vishva Shah
    Company Accountant
    Galuku Group

    Vishva joined the Group in 2012 as Company Accountant for the Australian & NZ companies. She has been an integral part of the Management Team over the past 5 years. In 2016 Vishva assumed wider responsibilities for the day-to-day financial management of the Group’s five operating subsidiaries and two international holding companies.


    She also manages the monthly financial liaison and reporting with the Group’s major US investor, and the annual audit process. Vishva has been responsible for developing company systems and processes required to manage the growth.

  • Tim McNamara

    Executive VP, Market Development American Green Ventures (US) Inc

    From 1998 to 2015, McNamara worked for the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, driving disruptive innovation and new business development for a variety of consumer and commercial product lines. Tim developed keen insights into purchasing trends, supply chain improvement, and all of the critical factors that mesh together to achieve a successful product launch. Most recently, McNamara served as founder and principal of TruNorth Consulting, leveraging his expertise to companies seeking to strengthen their brand awareness, marketing strategy and product development.


  • Andrew Swan Dip. Hort

    Director of Horticultural Sales/Technical Support

    Andy is a founding partner of the Galuku Group and is one of Australia’s most experienced and well known growing media horticulturalists. As Director of Horticulture, Andy is responsible for the sales and technical support for the Group. He actively works within the global network of greenhouse growers and horticulture industry leaders. Along with Joe Davids, he has designed and developed the extensive range of Galuku products; in particular the patented EasyFill Planter Bag, SpillFix bio-filter blends and industrial absorbents.


  • Philip Martyn

    General Manager
    (Asia Pacific)

    Philip Martyn is responsible for the overall management of the horticultural operations for the company’s Australian, New Zealand and Asian Division, including China. In addition, he is responsible for the development of the expanding commercial spill solution and retail pet products markets in the region.


    Philip is a technology sales and marketing professional with many years’ experience at a senior management level in telecommunications and the information technology industry. His areas of expertise cover business management, vendor and client management, and infrastructure and service management.

  • Simon Zuanic B. Eng.

    Advisor to the Board
    (Hong Kong)

    Simon brings broadly-based corporate and international business development experience to the Company. A graduate in Aeronautical Engineering from the prestigious Cranfield Institute of Technology in the UK, Simon has served as CEO (Asia region) of Sindicatum Carbon Capital, a specialist developer and technology provider to climate change-related projects from 2006 to 2009.


    Simon is currently MD & CEO of Hong Kong-based Bonaventure International Ltd and OneWater Group Ltd.

  • Yang Zhang M.
    Translation & Interpreting

    Regional Manager China

    Yang joined the company in 2010 as a marketing trainee after completing university studies in translation and interpreting. Since 2012 he has worked in the fledgling horticultural business in China.


    Yang has been responsible for a substantial increase in sales and the development of the Galuku brand in China. He has also been responsible for developing the Company’s marketing plans in China, based on expanding the use of quality growing media to meet China’s rapidly increasing demand for quality food production.


  • Jagath M Yapa

    Managing Director, Galuku Lanka Exports (PVT) Ltd

    Jagath Yapa is co-founder and Managing Director of Galuku Lanka Exports PVT Ltd and Galuku Hydroponics PVT Ltd in Sri Lanka. He is responsible for overseeing and the setting up of five coir processing facilities in Sri Lanka for the Galuku group.


    After nearly 15 years in the coir industry, he is instrumental in delivering the quality products manufactured for the Galuku brands. He is well known and respected throughout the entire Galuku supply chain, from raw material suppliers to the end users in foreign countries.  His primary vision is to create employment and to promote the advancement of his country fellowman.


    Jagath has won the following awards for his business acumen.


    • Silver Award - FCCISL 2010

    Best Entrepreneur Large   Category N/W

    • Gold Award - FCCILS 2012

    Best Entrepreneur Extra Large Category N/W

    • Silver Award - FCCILS 2012

    Best Entrepreneur Extra Large Category National


  • Pravin

    Managing Director, Galuku Exports India (PVT) Ltd

    Pravin is co-founder and Managing Director of Galuku Exports India PVT Ltd in India. He is responsible for overseeing and the setting up of three coir processing facilities in India for the Galuku group.


    Over the past six years Pravin has successfully built and developed the quality of Galuku’s Indian product. In 2009 Pravin was awarded with Best New Coir Product innovation by the Indian government for the production of Galuku’s Easyfil PlanterBags. Pravin has over 60 staff under his management.


    Pravin has dedicated the past seven years to making Galuku a standout producer of quality coir products in India.


  • Yugeswaran Balakrishnan

    Managing Director, Galuku Malaysia SDN BHD

    Yugeswaran is co-founder and Managing Director of Galuku Malaysia SDN BHD in Malaysia. The company was formed in 2007 to research and develop new coir processing technologies that could be transferred across all existing and new Galuku processing facilities.


    Yugeswaran, in conjunction with his team of fellow Engineers, has developed concepts, prototypes and full scale models of technology for processing, washing and drying coconut husks. In 2010 Galuku Malaysia capitalized on some of this research to help launch the Galuku Pet Litter/Bedding range of products.


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Our History

Some 20 years ago while holidaying in Sri Lanka the founder of the Galuku Group noticed mountains of discarded coir peat – the unwanted bi-product of the coconut fiber industry.  An idea germinated to utilise this waste and it grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Galuku, a privately owned company was formed in 1993. After a few years of extensive research it became the world leader in the provision of innovative coir-based products.

Some key milestones in the journey include:

  • 2003 – Invents a Hydroponic Container system sold as Easyfil PlanterBag.
  •  2006 - Formed joint venture partnership with Sri Lankan partners, to create a state-of-the-art, coir processing facilities in Sri Lanka and India.
  • Released first eco-friendly universal spill absorbent
  • Company doubles production capacity to handle demand
  • Launches CocoEarth Potting Soil in conjunction with the release of the rare and ancient Wollemi Pine
  • 2007 – Establishes a new processing plant in Malaysia.
  • 2008 - Launches Kitty’s Crumble, an eco-friendly kitty litter.
  • 2013 - Launches SpillFix industrial absorbent
  • 2009 - Released Kritter’s Crumble, a bedding product for small mammals, amphibians and reptiles
  •  2010 – Establishes sales office in China to launch Galuku  branded products.
  • 2012 – Establishes American Green Ventures (US) Inc.
  • Opened new office and headquarters in Cary, North Carolina

Galuku actively practices corporate social responsibility by paying fair wages as determined by the labour laws in the countries in which we operate. We also ensure a safe workplace; prohibit the use of child labour; have a small carbon footprint in our manufacturing processes; and strive to take care of the environment.

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OMRI certified

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